Microsoft Reinforcement Learning

Crafting a story around the infinite possibilities of AI


Getting outshone by flashier stars

Even though Microsoft is one of the world leaders in advanced AI, they found Google and DeepMind getting most of the attention from analysts and prospective employees.


Real-world results in a theoretical world

Northbound helped marshal six independent groups at Microsoft working on reinforcement learning, one of the most audacious and promising branches in AI, to tell a compelling and coherent story.


Bringing advanced research to life

Northbound helped articulate that unlike their competitors, reinforcement learning is already being incorporated in Microsoft products – making them the leading candidates for the next big breakthrough.



  • Competitive analysis

  • Day of Possibility

  • Narrative
  • Storybook

  • Customer journey
  • Messaging
“We had a fantastic experience working with Northbound on identifying and then articulating what Reinforcement Learning (RL) means at Microsoft. Northbound worked across a large multi-disciplinary team to identify the value proposition that Microsoft brings with its work on RL and how we should be framing the conversation around this innovative technology.”
Rafah Hosn
Senior Principal Group Manager
Microsoft Research

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