Junior Achievement of Washington

Relaunching a legendary nonprofit at its signature event


100 years of history in need of a modern twist

Facing a challenging battle for donations and volunteers, Junior Achievement of Washington realized it needed to change its donor strategy and reach a wider audience. With a century-old heritage rooted in the industrial revolution, Junior Achievement needed to update the way it talked about its mission to become more relevant to students, parents, educators, volunteers, and donors.


Reinventing how we talk about financial literacy

Many people were unclear about what Junior Achievement even stood for. From a series of interviews and a deep dive into the history and programs of the organization, Northbound found a way to reframe the conversation around financial literacy. It’s not about learning the nuts and bolts of credit and loans; it’s about mastering that language as a critical stepping stone for your future. Northbound discovered one of the pillars of Junior Achievement’s educational mission – entrepreneurship – held a unique place in the American psyche.


Launching our new look in an iconic setting

Junior Achievement’s Dare to Dream event is held annually on the basepaths of T-Mobile Park, hosted by the hometown Seattle Mariners. Northbound saw an opportunity to use the unique grandeur of this event as a springboard to launch our new way of expressing the mission of Junior Achievement.

Northbound designed an entire campaign that was rooted in the visual and tonal cues that had served Junior Achievement for decades, while transforming it into something fresh and new. The Dare to Dream auction was an unqualified success, helping drive Junior Achievement to its highest fundraising total in the event’s history.

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  • Competitive analysis

  • Positioning

  • Day of Possibility

  • Brand compass

  • Messaging

  • Creative campaign

  • Video production

“Northbound truly delivered on raising awareness to our audiences in the creation of an emotionally compelling and resonant theme for our Dare to Dream fundraising event.”
Natalie Vega O'Neil
President & CEO
Junior Achievement of Washington

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