Re-crafting a product as a pivotal ingredient brand


Demonstrating value to key partners

Impinj is the pioneer and leader in RAIN RFID wireless technology, bringing item connectivity to billions of items worldwide. As demand for connectivity continues to skyrocket, Impinj needed a way to display more value to partners and end customers, helping promote its proprietary connectivity technology to the trillions of items across industries and use cases that have yet to be connected.


Making the transition to an ingredient brand

Impinj products empower partners to deliver high-performing connectivity solutions to their customers. Northbound created ingredient brand architecture hypotheses that were refined and iterated on over the course of four collaborative broad team workshops. We guided Impinj to land on an ingredient brand strategy approach, helping maximize brand equity in Impinj. We also discovered that Impinj could leverage its connectivity expertise in a buzzing and burgeoning technology category, dramatically extending its customer base.


Communicating the power of connectivity

Through our work, we updated and developed Impinj’s brand and ingredient strategy, crafting differentiated positioning and creating a brand manifesto to inspire internal change. This updated brand positioning informed a brand refresh and resulted in the initial rollout of a new NRF 2020 tradeshow booth used a signal for the updated direction and look of the Impinj brand.



  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand Architecture
  • Positioning

  • Day of Possibility

  • Brand compass

  • Messaging

“Really awesome - beyond our expectations. You have just surfed on top of the wave of our details, discussions and direction - hanging ten and dancing on the board. Totally rad!”
Gayle Meyer, Impinj
VP Global Marketing and Communications

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