July, 2020 Adam Shigem

Pandemic perceptions from April to June – how consumer perspectives have shifted during COVID-19, and what brands should do about it

At the outset of COVID-19, we began reaching out to our fellow Americans through an ongoing study to learn how they were feeling, how they’ve been impacted, and what changes they’ve made due to the...
July, 2020 Craig Motlong

Language Matters

More than ever, language matters. Defund the police. Antiracist. Essential workers.

Why brands must speak out and take action against racial injustice

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the resulting protests that have endured across the globe, brands have begun to speak out and take action against the racial injustice so deeply embedded into...
June, 2020 Piper Donaghu

Turning Purpose Into Action During COVID-19

Last Thursday, I joined Northbound’s virtual discussion on branding during the time of COVID-19. On top of sharing insights from our survey on how American consumers are thinking and feeling during...
May, 2020 Adam Shigem

Pandemic perceptions wave 2 – shifting consumer perspectives during COVID-19

Northbound continues to grapple with a changing world. To see how our fellow Americans’ feelings evolve with the situation, we’ve been conducting an ongoing study. Are they optimistic or pessimistic?...