To Kia, or Nokia?

A little off the top, please.

The long-term value of Brand Purpose: How Purpose shaped 4 organizations

A Brand Purpose is an articulation of the reason why your organization exists. It is an answer to the question “why do you do what you do?”
February, 2023 Samantha Temple Neukom

The First Rule of Primary Research: What do I need to learn?

The voice of the customer is important for any company that wants to remain relevant or resonate in a way that supports growth and staying power. Customer research can often uncover pathologies in...
February, 2023 Adam Shigem

How to bring your brand purpose to life with objectives-based messaging

In the last 5-8 years a new, modern brand metric has emerged. It’s that of “good for the world” and it covers such things as social justice impact, climate sustainability, and the general goodness a...
January, 2023 Samantha Temple Neukom

How to design naming research for the real world

Naming research can be a hot topic for clients who want to know that their name is going to say or do all the things they want and need it to do. However, “testing” or “validating” names is tricky...