June, 2022 Natalie Balthrop

A Framework for Collaboration

When we were little it was called playing nice, or sharing, or bringing enough for the whole class, or playdates. So, it's something we all know how to do, right? In theory, yes. In practice, not...

Creating a Team Culture That Says “No” to Drama

In the very early days of Northbound, we learned the lesson that relationships matter. People stepped out to offer support, advice, and their belief in us, and that made all the difference in our...

Death to the Consumer

It’s time to retire “consumer,” and the notion of an “audience”.
December, 2021 Adam Shigem

6 Steps to Define a New Brand Category

What do you do when your brand and its offerings do not line up with any existing category? 
December, 2021 Jason Hall

Naming In a Strategy First Agency

Many agencies will tell you they are “strategy-first” or that “brand strategy is the foundation for naming, design, etc.,” but what exactly does that mean? What I hear most often is that “the...