November, 2023 Samantha Temple Neukom

Distinction vs. Differentiation: Why being different isn’t enough.

I have to confess – I love the debate around distinction versus differentiation.[1] Although seemingly synonymous at first glance, in the context of brand strategy their meanings can be delineated...
September, 2023 Eric Jackson

What can we learn about naming from Beowulf?

I’m talking about the wild world of kennings of Old Norse-Icelandic and Old English poetry.
September, 2023 Eric Jackson

Mind the Naming Gap

A naming scenario we encounter all the time, especially in tech, is this:
August, 2023 Samantha Temple Neukom

Growth Hacking: Using Brand to Focus and Ignite a Startup

Creating a brand can be thought of as either a luxury by the startup community, or even as an investment without a clear return. Whether you think of brand as simply the outward expression of your...

How to Build Brand Trust

Marked by extreme economic uncertainty, deepening social divisions, and the lingering impact of the pandemic, Edelman Trust Barometer states that “economic optimism has collapsed” in 2023 and the...