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July, 2019 Sara Millstein

Business skills don't just pay the bills

Nonprofit organizations make the impossible their mission, with a brand purpose that reflects true altruism. They protect, feed, heal, shelter, educate, and nurture our bodies and spirits. They turn...
May, 2018 Sara Millstein

Defining Artificial Intelligence

One of today’s most trending topics is also one of the most poorly understood. Artificial Intelligence is most frequently referenced as ‘AI’. The name itself is ambiguous. Packed with layers of...
February, 2018 Sara Millstein

Strategic portfolio naming: clarity and consistency

Naming across a portfolio carries many more considerations than naming a standalone brand or offering because there is existing revenue at stake. There are inherent relationships between all products...
January, 2018 Sara Millstein

When context rules: portfolio naming

In naming, sometimes context, not content, is king. And often that context isn’t a blank slate—particularly when naming into a portfolio. We are often naming into existing portfolios and the...