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December, 2018 Samantha Temple Neukom

Using storytelling to build a purposeful brand

Modern Brand Principle #6: Speak directly, emotionally, and authentically   Storytelling is particular to humans. It’s how we’ve thrived and come to dominate other species. It’s how we understand...
September, 2018 Samantha Temple Neukom

The Subtleties of Etymology, Phonetics and Linguistics When Naming

We do a lot of naming. About a third of our business comes from it, and we have a real passion for both the creative and the process of landing a name within an organization. There’s no ONE thing...

Why should a corporation concern itself with purpose?

Modern Brand Principle #1: Have a Purpose

What does it mean to be a modern brand?

About two months ago, a favorite client came to us wanting to know what makes a modern brand. What makes a brand today resonate and grow? It’s not marketing. What we’ve discovered is that it’s about...
October, 2017 Samantha Temple Neukom

Big B, little b, what kind of b?

Companies that engage with big B, Brand are companies that are better aligned, more innovative, and attract top talent. Companies that make brand an afterthought about how to package a message or...