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January, 2023 Samantha Temple Neukom

How to design naming research for the real world

Naming research can be a hot topic for clients who want to know that their name is going to say or do all the things they want and need it to do. However, “testing” or “validating” names is tricky...
October, 2022 Samantha Temple Neukom

What is Naming Strategy and When Do I Need It?

I have been quoted as saying “Naming is 90% strategy.” This is referring to the fact that getting the Naming Strategy right is critical to the success of Naming creative.
September, 2022 Samantha Temple Neukom

Why is brand integrity essential for employee engagement?

It’s likely a head nod for me to say that purpose is a market requirement for brands in 2022.
August, 2022 Samantha Temple Neukom

How to Measure the Financial Return on Brand Integrity

Brand integrity isn’t just about doing good. It’s about doing good in a way that multiplies your company’s value.
August, 2022 Samantha Temple Neukom

Brand Integrity: The Ultimate Driver in Business Value

Simply put, brand integrity is purpose plus follow-through. You need purpose because the modern work world demands it, and you need follow-through because the world is wise to those who are all talk: