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September, 2021 Samantha Temple Neukom

Creating a high performing culture that’s wholehearted, while living through a pandemic

Agency life has not been immune to the last 18 months of turmoil and exhaustion, nor to the impacts of what Amy Cuddy calls “pandemic flux syndrome.”

If All You’re Seeking is ROI from Your Brand Strategy, You’re Not Asking Enough

Why ROI might be the wrong metric for your brand strategy and what financial metrics you should use 

When remote working becomes just...working

In the beginning of the WFH shut-down, I approached work as if it were just like being in the office, only remote. I scheduled my day the same way. I booked meetings for the same reasons. I connected...

Purpose-driven: how to be resilient in times of crisis

Can COVID-19 help to put more corporate focus on stakeholders, not just shareholders? A recent McKinsey article posed this question, and it’s one that pulled at my heartstrings and inspired a slight...

Pandemic perceptions – how consumers are feeling amidst a changing world

Like so many people, Northbound is grappling with a changed world. We wanted to know how our fellow Americans were feeling – are they optimistic or pessimistic? Do they feel united or scared? Have we...