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June, 2020 Piper Donaghu

Turning Purpose Into Action During COVID-19

Last Thursday, I joined Northbound’s virtual discussion on branding during the time of COVID-19. On top of sharing insights from our survey on how American consumers are thinking and feeling during...
May, 2020 Piper Donaghu

Younger consumers and COVID-19

As you may have seen in our blog post a couple of weeks ago, we recently conducted a nationally representative survey of American consumers during COVID-19. In our report out on this first wave of...
March, 2020 Piper Donaghu

Getting creative and collaborative from home

At Northbound, we are beginning our 4th week of working from home. We know we’re not alone, as millions of other office workers around the globe transition. We feel very lucky to still have our jobs,...
June, 2019 Piper Donaghu

Science fiction: AI fake news

Read any news article about the latest advancements in AI, and the author will likely state a statistic about how while an increasing portion of the population is bringing AI into the home - in the...
March, 2019 Piper Donaghu

The employee engagement myth

Allow me to let you in on a little secret: