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March, 2023 Northbound Team

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At Northbound, we have completed a research report that compares how well technology businesses including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, Cisco, and Meta (amongst others) have incorporated...
September, 2021 Northbound Team

Transforming Retirement In New Regions with Aegis Living

In assisted living and retirement communities, one message rules them all: we provide evidence-based medical care. Aegis Living followed the same pattern, ensuring families, communities, current and...
August, 2021 Northbound Team

Do You Need a Brand Strategy Refresh?

Tesla. Apple. Nike. Trader Joes. Dollar Shave Club. These lasting, impactful and memorable brands all have one thing in common: a strong brand strategy. As a company, it’s not enough to have a brand...
August, 2021 Northbound Team

Concepts Needed For A Strong Brand Strategy

There are many different frameworks to use when creating a brand strategy. There are boxes, pyramids, brand houses, and brand platform models. We use a proprietary methodology, the Brand Compass,...
July, 2021 Northbound Team

Cray’s Roadmap to Reaching New Audiences

In business, reputation is everything but sometimes a steady and historical reputation can hinder the evolution and growth of a brand. We’re breaking down how Cray Inc., a global leader in...