Natalie Balthrop

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June, 2022 Natalie Balthrop

A Framework for Collaboration

When we were little it was called playing nice, or sharing, or bringing enough for the whole class, or playdates. So, it's something we all know how to do, right? In theory, yes. In practice, not...
November, 2021 Natalie Balthrop

A Swift, Purposeful Brand

I've never identified as a Taylor Swift fan. I've never had much of an opinion on her. She fell into the backdrop of my life like most pop culture things. Her music has been hard for me to avoid;...
October, 2021 Natalie Balthrop

Northbound Team Q&A: Get To Know Natalie, Senior Strategist

During this Northbound team Q&A, we interviewed Senior Strategist, Natalie Balthrop to get to know the practitioners behind the work and what makes working at Northbound unique.