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February, 2020 Craig Motlong

Brand Naming: The Best and Also-Rans of 2019

With only 180,000 words in the English language, and over 35 million registered naming trademarks, there are a lot of people searching for names, and not a lot of words to work with. In a world with...
November, 2019 Craig Motlong

The problem with problems

At the kickoff meeting for any big project, there is a question so obvious that most of us don’t even think to ask it. We set deadlines and milestones, outline objectives, and shake hands confident...
January, 2019 Craig Motlong

Brand naming: the best and also-rans of 2018

A good name can help a brand differentiate, elevate, and communicate. A bad name is brand baggage you don’t need. Every year brings a host of interesting, creative, and well-concepted brand names for...
August, 2018 Craig Motlong

Cutting through with voice

Modern Brand Principle # 6: Speak directly, emotionally, and authentically