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September, 2020 Craig Motlong

Finding the sweet spot: naming and identity creation for startups

The creation of the Joywell brand was a process of rigor, creativity, and finding the emotional resonance that sits between the two. The outcome is a brand born of vibrancy, happiness, and the...
July, 2020 Craig Motlong

Language Matters

More than ever, language matters. Defund the police. Antiracist. Essential workers.
April, 2020 Craig Motlong

Language of pandemics

These days, do you feel isolated and alone? Or are you feeling a sense of pride in responsibly social distancing? Do you think we’re living through a pandemic? Or are we experiencing a brief period...
February, 2020 Craig Motlong

Brand Naming: The Best and Also-Rans of 2019

With only 180,000 words in the English language, and over 35 million registered naming trademarks, there are a lot of people searching for names, and not a lot of words to work with. In a world with...
November, 2019 Craig Motlong

The problem with problems

At the kickoff meeting for any big project, there is a question so obvious that most of us don’t even think to ask it. We set deadlines and milestones, outline objectives, and shake hands confident...