Cameron Krueger

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March, 2020 Cameron Krueger

4 Brainstorming best practices

Brainstorms are frequently prescribed by us, or requested by clients and colleagues to solve complex challenges. In concept they seem simple – get in a room an collaborate for an hour –but getting...
July, 2019 Cameron Krueger

5 strategic benefits of descriptive naming

Across our work with start-up to enterprise clients, in the gaming to healthcare industries, we find that people are most excited about the prospects of suggestive, fanciful, and arbitrary names....
November, 2018 Cameron Krueger

4 need-to-knows of product naming

New product naming is exciting and is often the culmination of the hard work from engineers, designers, marketers, and more to bring a product to market. Often times, our clients must juggle naming...
January, 2018 Cameron Krueger

Experiencing Brand Positioning In-Person

Having worked in experiential marketing for Coca-Cola, as well as for Kia Motors America, I have firsthand exposure to some of the most intimate ways consumers interact with brands. Now being at...