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April, 2023 Adam Shigem

Who’s the hero of your sustainability narrative?

Earth Day is approaching and brands around the world are preparing to highlight their newest initiatives aimed at making the world a little greener. We hear about net-zero and carbon capture,...
April, 2023 Adam Shigem

This Earth Day brands must make room for net-positive

Earth Day approaches, and consumer and media attention will be drawn even more sharply to sustainability and environmental issues. For brands, this is their opportunity to trot out the newest...
February, 2023 Adam Shigem

How to bring your brand purpose to life with objectives-based messaging

In the last 5-8 years a new, modern brand metric has emerged. It’s that of “good for the world” and it covers such things as social justice impact, climate sustainability, and the general goodness a...
January, 2023 Adam Shigem

Testing can kill your best ideas – here’s how to empower them instead

“If I asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford
December, 2021 Adam Shigem

6 Steps to Define a New Brand Category

What do you do when your brand and its offerings do not line up with any existing category?