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January, 2023 Adam Shigem

Testing can kill your best ideas – here’s how to empower them instead

“If I asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford
December, 2021 Adam Shigem

6 Steps to Define a New Brand Category

What do you do when your brand and its offerings do not line up with any existing category? 
September, 2020 Adam Shigem

Values, action, and purpose: a new era of brands in America

We are entering a new era of brands. In Phase One of our research across April, May, and June 2020, we discovered Americans are dealing with economic concerns over COVID-19 and its effects by...
July, 2020 Adam Shigem

Pandemic perceptions from April to June – how consumer perspectives have shifted during COVID-19, and what brands should do about it

At the outset of COVID-19, we began reaching out to our fellow Americans through an ongoing study to learn how they were feeling, how they’ve been impacted, and what changes they’ve made due to the...
May, 2020 Adam Shigem

Pandemic perceptions wave 2 – shifting consumer perspectives during COVID-19

Northbound continues to grapple with a changing world. To see how our fellow Americans’ feelings evolve with the situation, we’ve been conducting an ongoing study. Are they optimistic or pessimistic?...