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May, 2020 Adam Shigem

Pandemic perceptions wave 2 – shifting consumer perspectives during COVID-19

Northbound continues to grapple with a changing world. To see how our fellow Americans’ feelings evolve with the situation, we’ve been conducting an ongoing study. Are they optimistic or pessimistic?...
November, 2019 Adam Shigem

Archetypes - Part 2

Looking to understand the emotions or personality traits embodied by your brand and your audience? Look no further than archetypes.
October, 2019 Adam Shigem

Archetypes - Part One

Struggling to make an emotional connection with your audience? Trying hard to differentiate your brand in a cluttered landscape? In a world of constant communication and too many choices, how can a...
September, 2019 Adam Shigem

City Flags: where design and identity (are supposed to) meet

Seattle’s flag is bad. Sorry, Seattle. I love my adopted city, but not the flag it adopted.
April, 2019 Adam Shigem

The best names start with great mouth-feel

We all know when we hear a name that works. We feel it deep down in our gut. “Bronco”? Now that’s a manly vehicle! “Kia Sephia?” Not so much.