November, 2022 Oskar Stucis

Is brand strategy what you think it is?

“We need a stronger brand” or “Brand needs to drive our growth” are probably the most common phrases that we hear from clients that come to Northbound for brand strategy work. These clients may be...
November, 2022 Eric Jackson

What does your name say about you?

Have you ever looked up what your own name means? If not, give it a look. It's an interesting exercise to see the literal meaning behind your name and reflect on what it says about you. Maybe it says...
October, 2022 Samantha Temple Neukom

What is Naming Strategy and When Do I Need It?

I have been quoted as saying “Naming is 90% strategy.” This is referring to the fact that getting the Naming Strategy right is critical to the success of Naming creative.
October, 2022 Natalie Balthrop

3 Tips for Writing a Creative Strategy That Sticks

Usually when I tell someone I work in brand strategy, I get a handful of reactions. "Oh, you design logos? Like the Nike swoosh?" "Have you worked on any ads I would have seen?" "Branding…is that...
September, 2022 Samantha Temple Neukom

Why is brand integrity essential for employee engagement?

It’s likely a head nod for me to say that purpose is a market requirement for brands in 2022.