November, 2018 Piper Donaghu

The 5 musts of a brand refresh

A wise woman once sang, “a change will do you good.” But as we know from bad haircuts and questionable fashion choices, not all change is for the better. When you start to think your brand looks old...
October, 2018 Northbound Team

5 name types everyone should know

We have a saying at Northbound, "an effective name is 90% strategy." It is true. Names are the first way your customers engage with your product, service, company, feature (the list can go on)....
September, 2018 Samantha Temple Neukom

The Subtleties of Etymology, Phonetics and Linguistics When Naming

We do a lot of naming. About a third of our business comes from it, and we have a real passion for both the creative and the process of landing a name within an organization. There’s no ONE thing...
August, 2018 Craig Motlong

Cutting through with voice

Modern brand principle: Cutting through with voice
July, 2018 Win Platt

Listen hard, then take action

Modern brand principle: Listen hard, then take action