March, 2020 Piper Donaghu

Getting creative and collaborative from home

At Northbound, we are beginning our 4th week of working from home. We know we’re not alone, as millions of other office workers around the globe transition. We feel very lucky to still have our jobs,...
March, 2020 Cameron Krueger

4 Brainstorming best practices

Brainstorms are frequently prescribed by us, or requested by clients and colleagues to solve complex challenges. In concept they seem simple – get in a room an collaborate for an hour –but getting...
February, 2020 Craig Motlong

Brand Naming: The Best and Also-Rans of 2019

With only 180,000 words in the English language, and over 35 million registered naming trademarks, there are a lot of people searching for names, and not a lot of words to work with. In a world with...

Targeting for inspiration and aspiration

Who inspires you as you build your brand? That is, when you think about your brand meeting the wants and needs of a person or fitting into the lifestyle they lead, who is that person?
December, 2019 David Bates

Polarizing design is breakthrough design

When people evaluate design, what determines their decision of when something is good, great or excellent? What about the flip side when it is bad, terrible or absolutely atrocious?