December, 2019 David Bates

Polarizing design is breakthrough design

When people evaluate design, what determines their decision of when something is good, great or excellent? What about the flip side when it is bad, terrible or absolutely atrocious? 
November, 2019 Craig Motlong

The problem with problems

At the kickoff meeting for any big project, there is a question so obvious that most of us don’t even think to ask it. We set deadlines and milestones, outline objectives, and shake hands confident...
November, 2019 Adam Shigem

Archetypes - Part 2

Looking to understand the emotions or personality traits embodied by your brand and your audience? Look no further than archetypes.
October, 2019 Adam Shigem

Archetypes - Part One

Struggling to make an emotional connection with your audience? Trying hard to differentiate your brand in a cluttered landscape? In a world of constant communication and too many choices, how can a...
September, 2019 Adam Shigem

City Flags: where design and identity (are supposed to) meet

Seattle’s flag is bad. Sorry, Seattle. I love my adopted city, but not the flag it adopted.