July, 2019 Sara Millstein

Business skills don't just pay the bills

Nonprofit organizations make the impossible their mission, with a brand purpose that reflects true altruism. They protect, feed, heal, shelter, educate, and nurture our bodies and spirits. They turn...
July, 2019 Cameron Krueger

5 strategic benefits of descriptive naming

Across our work with start-up to enterprise clients, in the gaming to healthcare industries, we find that people are most excited about the prospects of suggestive, fanciful, and arbitrary names....

What kind of ROI should you expect from your brand?

We get asked this question a lot – “tell me how you measure ROI on brand strategy?” We don’t.  That’s because it’s the wrong metric to be asking from brand.
June, 2019 Piper Donaghu

Science fiction: AI fake news

Read any news article about the latest advancements in AI, and the author will likely state a statistic about how while an increasing portion of the population is bringing AI into the home - in the...
April, 2019 Adam Shigem

The best names start with great mouth-feel

We all know when we hear a name that works. We feel it deep down in our gut. “Bronco”? Now that’s a manly vehicle! “Kia Sephia?” Not so much.