Amazon Transactional Video On Demand

Analyzing raw numbers to create breakthrough moments

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In an exploding digital market, Amazon needed to clarify the relationships between its digital video offerings rather than exposing customers to an internal organizational structure. Northbound was able to sift through a deep trove of data to understand who the target “sweet spot” was, and to uncover both UX and positioning opportunities that would highlight value – rather than undermine the experience. All while differentiating from the “big dogs in the yard” such as Netflix, Apple, and Hulu.


Amazon TVOD had the opportunity to connect its unique position – selection, convenience, and value that only Amazon can deliver – with the kind of moments that TVOD content enables: moments of true human connection. 


  • Primary research
  • Internal data analysis and insights
  • Team building sessions and workshops
  • Positioning
  • Creative strategy: proof-of-concepts

Live to connect

During the fast moving era of 2017, Amazon TVOD (transactional video on demand) is where you can digitally rent or buy movies or television shows.  This is in comparison to SVOD (subscription video on demand) services, like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, where video content is available with a subscription. 

Seeking strong differentiation from within the Amazon portfolio and the full competitive set, which included cable, Netflix, Apple, and Redbox, our goal was to demonstrate the deep emotional tethers that Amazon TVOD delivers on, generating connection with our audience and clarity around what TVOD has to offer.

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Understanding our audience

Our audience is broad and spans parents, DINKs, older and younger Millennials, Gen X and travelers.  And we found these audiences share common desires:

  • Strong positive emotional associations toward the Amazon brand
  • Seeking out the latest content so they can join in conversations and connect with others, whether out in the world or with those they love most
  • Perspective and inspiration through movies and TV
  • Comfort in movies and shows – whether snuggling in alone or with a friend or family member

Anthem script

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Digital ads

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  • Amazon brand equities:
    • Convenience
    • Selection
    • Value
  • TVOD consumers crave:
    • Instant convenience, a barrier-free experience
    • Amazon Wallet is already set up
    • Save time, no more endless browsing
    • The feeling of being transported
    • An escape, a go-to access point for content
    • In the moment: movies, and TV you crave
    • Selection, just what you're looking for
    • Content for emotional moments and connection
    • Always available
Working with the Amazon team, we developed a strategy that balanced the functional with the emotional, underscoring the equities of Amazon within the TVOD space while building a promise that supports the future vision of the platform.

Northbound learned through this process that Amazon moves organically and that sharing the creative concepts in conjunction with final positioning narratives allowed the strategy to be adopted more widely.

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