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Changing the way we think about retirement


Áegis Living, a national leader in the senior living industry, is expanding into new regions, creating new assisted-living communities in diverse neighborhoods throughout the western U.S.  Continuing that success required updating the brand in a way that unified and galvanized every employee toward an even more  heartfelt, holistic vision of service. Northbound found the words to help Áegis “embrace possibilities."


Update an already successful brand to embody a new approach to service that unifies and inspires employees companywide.


  • Brand Compass - purpose, positioning, & personality
  • Competitive analysis
  • Messaging framework

Assisted living focused on maximizing the life yet to come

Aegis Living is at the forefront of the senior living industry. They are uniquely and passionately people-focused—on residents and their loved ones, of course, but also employees. As Aegis puts down stakes with new communities in new territories, the challenge was how to articulate the company mission to their growing employee base and ensure impeccable, consistent service throughout.

According to Chief Marketing Officer Angie Snyder, the previous brand strategy was eight years old and “beautiful in many ways, but it didn’t reflect our holistic evolution and how we want to continue to lead.” To take Aegis to the next level, “We needed someone who could think outside the box we’ve lived in for a long time.” They chose Northbound.


Striving to be more Disney than Mayo Clinic

The Northbound team was captivated by Angie’s vision. Most companies in this industry focus on providing evidence-based medical care. But Áegis is concerned with  making people feel loved—treating them like family, not  patients.

Northbound undertook an in-depth analysis of Áegis and both competitive and comparative brands, along  with independent research, in order to articulate what it means to be Áegis in a way that employees would be inspired  to operate from the same values. Culture is one of the company’s prime differentiators, so bringing this forward  was key.

The Brand Compass positions the company as a luxury  hospitality brand providing an enriching lifestyle rather  than as a healthcare provider. Áegis was already moving in this direction, but Northbound crystalized it with messaging focused on elevating expectations, creating  magic, and embracing possibilities in every individual  and every moment.


Branding that feels anchored to reality and truly resonates

Angie is delighted with the messaging. “Sometimes branding work can be a little esoteric, lofty and disconnected. But Northbound really understands how to develop a strategy that works, that doesn’t just end up on a shelf.”

They started with a soft launch, wrapping the new  brand into their culture. Angie defines success by how  much people understand and embody the messages.  The results have been phenomenal. “People talk all  the time about how they’re going to create ‘magical  moments’ for residents. Our new brand really inspires  employees to try harder. And it’s not a big lofty goal like ‘we’re going to be the best.’ It’s something they can  work towards every day.”

Further, “Our new brand resonates at all levels of the  company, and allows everybody to be a part of it. That  can be really hard to do. The epitome of great branding is when it works for everyone.”

Angie sums up her experience. “I am immensely grateful for that support we got from Northbound. It is not  easy to find today. Not because people don’t have the  intention, but because they don’t have the skill and the capability. Northbound was a really great steward of the work we were trying to achieve. I haven’t had a brand experience that has been as easy, honestly.”



  • Enthusiastic adoption of the new branding at all levels of the organization
  • Employees continually use the language and vision of the branding
“Sometimes branding work can be a little esoteric. But Northbound understands how to develop a strategy that works, that doesn't just end up on a shelf."
Angie Snyder
Chief Marketing Officer
Aegis Living

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